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Pre-Conference FAQ.doc (36,5 kB)


A an Important Message from Conference Coordinator Ezra Fox:

Please do me the great favor of reviewing the first 6 questions in this email first.

They might require immediate action, and it would really help me.

The answers to other questions you want to know will come after #6.


1.)  I am arriving into Greensboro after 5:30PM – What do I do?

If you arrive at GSO airport after 5:30PM you must write an email telling us your name and what time your flight is expected to arrive. The last shuttle from the Marriott hotel (#8 below for details) leaves at 5:45PM.  We will get back to you about how to proceed. If you don’t send us an email I will assume you will take a short (10 minutes) and inexpensive taxi ride. Send the above mentioned email to with the subject: LATE ARRIVAL GSO. Send it immediately, Thursday July 28th at 4PM at the latest. For other late arrival info see #10 below)


2.)  How much is the key deposit if I’m staying in the Dorms?

The American Hebrew Academy’s key deposit requirement is $36. Please (please) bring exact change or a check for that amount made out to NewCAJE Inc. This will help our staff hugely.


3.) I am interested in a Minyan during the conference. What do I do?

If there are enough people interested we will hold two minyanim at NewCAJE: A Traditional Egalitarian/Liberal Minyan, and an Orthodox Minyan.

EGAL: Write ASAP to Cantor Neil Schwartz at Let him also know if you can read Torah Monday morning (Rosh Chodesh Av) or want to lead services another day. Subject: NewCAJE Minyan

ORTHODOX: Write to Rabbi Nachum Amsel at . Mention if you’d like to lead services or Read Torah (Rosh Chodesh Av).


Shacharit – 7am each day. Mincha/Maariv  -- differs by day, but will be between dinner and the concerts.


4.)  I am driving and want to know if anyone wants/has a ride.

Post your name, contact info, and driving details (leaving when and where) at our ride share post (Bottom of the page after you click):


5.)  I am arriving on Sunday and want to volunteer. What do I do?

You must write us an email with your available time to (Subject: Volunteer).


6.)  I haven’t paid some or all of my bill to NewCAJE. What do I do?

Please pay it! At this point the best way to pay would be with a credit card. Use the link in your registration confirmation email to pay now. If you can’t find that email or the link doesn’t work, send an email (to subject: Bill) and a fresh invoice will be sent to you. If you absolutely have to bring a check, write to and let us know you will be bringing a check for your remainder.


7.)   When can I see the program book and schedule?

Right now: Though we’ll be giving out hard copies at the conference, you can preview the PDF or the unformatted version on the page:


8.)  How do I get from the Greensboro Airport to the Conference?

(Note: If you are flying into Raleigh RDU then ignore this question, you should have gotten an email about shuttles).

If you arrive at GSO Airport any time before 5:15PM on Sunday there is a free shuttle to the High Point Airport Marriott if you call them at 336-852-6450 when you are at baggage claim and they will take you to the hotel EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT STAYING THERE for anyone attending the conference. The Marriott is just two minutes from the airport, and from there there will be free shuttles to the American Hebrew Academy. From 10-11:30AM there will be early registration at the hotel, and after noon it will be at AHA. (for those coming in Sunday after 5:30PM – see #1.)


9.)  Where is the Conference? When can I arrive?

The conference is being held at the beautiful American Hebrew Academy at 4334 Hobbs Rd, Greensboro, NC. With the exception of vendors (who may set up starting at 10am) no one may arrive on campus before noon. Security will turn you away. If you are driving and arrive before 11:30am please go to the hotel (address in #5 A above). After 8pm go to Temple Emanuel directly across the street for evening programs.


10.) What do I do when I get to NewCAJE? Where do I go?

When you arrive at the American Hebrew Academy (see #9 above) go to the Dining Pavilion to register. There you will get a name badge, program book, room assignment and linens (if you are staying at the dorms) and any other pertinent information. There will be lunch from noon to 2pm, and some food being served until 3:30pm. If you arrive between 6-8PM come eat dinner at the dining hall and then register with Ezra at the concert, which will be located at the Temple Emanuel directly across the street from the American Hebrew Academy.  If you’re going to arrive after the concert ends (10:30PM) you must write to with the subject LATE ARRIVAL to arrange a late registration.


11.) Where are evening programs being held?

Directly across the street at Temple Emanuel 1129 Jefferson Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410.


12.) How do I sign up for classes at NewCAJE?

You don’t! At NewCAJE you simply go to the classes you want.


13.) What if I need parking on campus?

As for a parking permit at the American Hebrew Academy from gate.


14.) Isn’t it too hot in North Carolina to hold a conference?

First, all the AHA buildings and dorms are air conditioned. It might be very hot, so you should bring a hat or parasol (or umbrella to double if it rains) as well as a water bottle to keep hydrated. Drink often!


15.) What if I need assistance from the classes to the dining pavilion and dorms?

Those of you who indicated on your registration forms that you need assistance will be able to request rides around campus. For those who did not, we expect you to walk the short distance between the buildings.


16.) Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code at NewCAJE. Many will be in casual clothes, others feel the need to dress more professionally. Please be respectful of everyone, this is an inclusive and pluralistic events.


17.) Will I have Wifi?

Yes! See extensive instructions in the program book, page 25.


18.) Where will the NewCAJE office be?

It will be in The Classroom Building (TCB) number 103. See hours in program book on pg 29.)


19.) Will there be campus tours?

The American Hebrew Academy will be offering tours on Sunday before the first class, and during certain classes and breaks during the conference. Look out for the opportunities to see this amazing and beautiful campus, and know learn more about it. Among other things, they have thermonuclear electricity, and the campus is something you just have to see!


20.) Who is in charge of Kashrut at the conference?

All food is being cooked by the wonderful Chef Paul Lasovsky, and supervised by Greensboro Chabad’s Rabbi Yosef Plotkin. Address all questions to them directly.


21.) What should I bring?

Here is a list of items that are strongly suggested to bring with you if you are staying in the residence halls on campus.


    * All personal toiletries, including soap and shampoo, as well as sun tan lotion.

    * There is no linen exchange. Pack an extra bath towel and a bathrobe. Although residents will receive a linen packet with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, a pillow, pillowcase, a light blanket and 3 towels, you may want your own linens or a full-size towel. Beds are regular twins.

    * Additional blanket and pillows.

    * Warm pajamas for the night time.

    * Sweater for the daytime.

    * Rain gear, hat and/or umbrella.

    * Alarm (Please note there is no “wake-up” service).

    * Comfortable shoes or sneakers.

    * Cool and casual/semi-casual clothing.

    * Shower shoes.

    * Siddur/Tanach (This is your preference, though AHA has many of these items)

    * Kippah, tallit, and tefillin.

    * Cell phone with charger. There are no payphones available at AHA.

    * Camera.

    * Pens, pencils, paper, etc.

·      Checkbook, credit cards or cash for Exhibitors area.

Flash Drives (so presenters can give you their presentations!)