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Lodging Information


The lovely dormitories at the American Hebrew Academy are a close walk to the classroom buildings where the conference will take place. All the rooms (Pictured above) are spacious open doubles with twin beds and plenty of storage and study areas. All rooms are air conditioned. Because these are smaller buildings grouped together, all rooms are on the first floor.  The facilities also include a lounge with a TV.

Please note, that these dormitories have communal bathrooms with individual shower stalls and toilets, as well as a bathtub room.

There are only 200 rooms available in the Dormitories so act fast!

You will receive a linen packet with 1 flat and 1 fitted sheet, pillow, pillowcase, blanket, and a set of towels. 

Pillow Mitzvah Project! Want to give someone in need as good a night's sleep as you? Donate $5 and we will buy and distribute your pillow after the conference to a keppe in need in the Greensboro area. As many of you know, not everyone can afford bedding, so here's your chance make someone's day by making their night!




Greensboro High Point Airport Marriott is the official hotel of the NewCAJE conference in 2011.

Rooms are $89 per night. We have reserved a block of rooms for commuter registrants at this price until May 16th. King sized rooms and a limited number of double queens are available.


Want a roommate?


If you would like to find a roommate to try and share a Double Queen (as available through the hotel) please go to the Roomshare at the bottom of this page and leave your request with contact information, then work with a responder to coordinate a reservation.


Shuttle To and From the Marriott


Shuttle To/From AHA


There will be a shuttle running during the conference between this hotel and the American Hebrew Academy where classes will take place.


Shuttle To/From Airport


This hotel also has a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport as arranged with them.


For more information, or to make a reservation, call them at 336-852-6450 or visit them online by clicking HERE. They are located at One Marriott Drive, Greensboro, North Carolina 27409 USA.


HOTEL ROOMSHARE: Leave your name, request, and contact info, then contact one another

Date 16/06/2011

By Rhonda Holtman

Subject Share a room


I'd like to exhibit my Hebrew Games. Sharing a room will help with the costs. Please reply to: