NewCAJE is an all-volunteer run organization and needs your help.

What can you do to make NewCAJE2 a success?  



  • Design the Logo for NewCAJE2. It will be on the cover of our program book and in signs and banners!
  • Be the NewCAJE representative in your community to recruit people to attend!
  • Program Planning Committee
  • Young Professionals Program Committee
  • Design and Layout the Program Book (July 7-17)  
  • Exhibitor Chair—recruit exhibitors and be the liason between them and NewCAJE
  • Donate an item to the NewCAJE RAFFLE
  • Write an Azkarah for a Jewish educator who died this year
  • Organize Minyanim at NewCAJE (line up Torah readers, Shlichot Tziborim for Services)
  • Other ideas__________________________




  • Organize the Hospitality Desk
  • Organize the Supplies Desk
  • Registration
  • Check-out on Wednesday
  • Check-out on Thursday
  • IT support
  • Photography
  • Write the NewCAJE Newspage each evening
  • Help schlep
  • Other ideas__________________________